Why study with us

The teaching methods are oriented towards practical activities, so that the faculty has developed partnerships with private companies in the domain of aeronautics or vehicle construction, such as: Schaeffler Romania, Draxlemaier Romania, Quin, Premium Aerotech, Eurocopter, Autoliv etc. Laboratory equipment and software are updated to the latest technologies. Equally, a master's programme was developed in collaboration with 11 partner companies. The study subjects and the internship programme were established with these companies. The students at this faculty will be able to obtain a pilot's license for gliding or they will be able to learn to programme numerically controlled machines and to work on 3D printers. The students have the opportunity to study for a semester or even for a whole year in Erasmus mobilities, in one of the 12 (Erasmus) partner universities in Europe, in countries such as: Spain, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, France, Greece, etc.